About Us

Our Method

     Unlike traditional ‘gyms’ within Minot, ND, Spectrum Fitness will provide three main fitness areas that are all unique in their own ways. The vision for Spectrum Fitness is the culmination of two decades of individual work and private endeavors by both owners, Michael and Rachelle. Each has had a passion for fitness, sports competition, and martial arts as they have pursued many athletic goals and milestones in their lives. 

     Our method of getting you where you want to go is why Spectrum Fitness is unique. Our greatest strength lies in the opportunity to provide a wide variety of fitness classes and training opportunities by highly qualified and certified instructors within one facility. Spectrum will exist to walk with our clients on their fitness journey, not just sign them up for a ‘gym’ membership and let them go it alone. We don't have a weight room, but we do have certified instructors that will lead you through every workout, and classes that are unique to Minot. We have everything you need - knowledge, experience and a great community. Ask us how you can become a part of the Spectrum Fitness family!

Heart rate monitor training

Spectrum is excited to have our FitMetrix heart rate monitor leaderboard up and running! This is a program that allows you to see your heart rate during your workout and helps you to get into the perfect zone for ultimate calorie burn and maximizing every workout. After class you can review your workout stats on an app or in your email, such as your average heart rate, calories burned, amount of time in desired heart rate zone, where you rank with others in that class, and more!

Our system is compatible with many brands, except for Apple and FitBit. So if you already have a heart monitor (example: Garmin, Polar, Scosche, MyZone devices, and others), check to see if it's ANT+ and if so, it will work with our system! You can use your heart rate monitor and all of its amenities in all of the classes that we offer in our facility. 

We are looking forward to providing this for our members, and bringing something new to Minot. We are happy to continue to sweat and get stronger with you! Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

1915 N Broadway
Minot, ND 58703
Ward County, USA

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