Striking Foundations

Learn the best striking skills today and combine them with a total-body workout that leaves you feeling fitter and stronger than before!

Our Striking Foundations is designed for beginners and experienced athletes alike. The class incorporates punches and kicks in an evolving curriculum that allows the student to learn to strike with their fists, feet, elbows, legs, and knees while providing invaluable self-defense skills.

In your first class, you will learn about our unique training principles:

  • Non-attribute-based training to develop skills that work against bigger, stronger opponents.

  • Progressive resistance to learn safely and quickly.


  • Boxing Gloves (must be 16oz to participate)

  • Shorts or leggings without oops, buttons, or other sharp material

  • T-shirt or Rashguard

  • Mouthguard (required for sparring)

  • Groin Protection (required for sparring)

Before training, remove all jewelry and be sure reasonable levels of personal hygiene are practiced (i.e., bathing, brushing teeth, trimming fingernails and toenails).

Disinfect your equipment, wash your training attire, and shower as soon as possible after training.

October to December Striking Foundations

This is a program that will teach multiple modalities involving Striking as a concept throughout the year. Each modality will be scheduled by quarter, and our first quarter will start Saturday, October 1, and end Friday, December 23rd with Coach Jared. This quarter has an emphasis on boxing.

The current Class Schedule is as follows:
Mondays at 7:00 PM
Fridays at 11:00 PM
Saturdays at 9:00 AM

The cost for this program starting October 1 is $299 for a Striking 3-month Punchcard. This punch card gives you unlimited access to all Striking Classes in this quarter, 36 Striking Classes in total! This punch card does not roll over to the next quarter series, and there is no price adjustment for attendance conflicts.

Our next quarter will be January-March of 2023, stay tuned to find out what series of Striking Foundations will be taught next!