meet our nutrition coach

Michael Sian

       I’m Michael Sian the co-owner, lead Martial Arts Instructor and Nutrition Coach here at Spectrum Fitness. Fitness and coaching have been passions of mine for over two decades. I have been training and competing in Martial Arts for over 30 years. I received my personal trainer certification in 2008, Sports Nutrition certification in 2011, and my Crossfit Coaching certification in 2011, as well. Following my diagnosis with multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2015, health and nutrition took a front seat in my life. Through consultations and lots of research I developed a primal nutrition approach to my health and well being that has kept me incredibly active, considering the ‘normal’ repercussions my diagnosis.

        This has driven a deep desire to help others understand the vital role whole foods play in their health. As a Nutrition Coach, I take a primal approach to helping others. That is to say that I center my coaching style around primal nutrition - zero grains and legumes, lots of good meats, fats, and vegetables! If you can cut it from an animal, pick it from a tree, or pull it from the ground then it is probably on my menu. If it comes out of a box, bag, or jar then its more than likely not allowed. If you were in a grocery store, it would be considered perimeter shopping.

        My goal is to help you find lasting, healthy strategies towards meals and meal preparation, that propel you to your fitness and nutrition goals here in the Spectrum family!

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