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Michael E. sian



Michael Sian is a retired Special Agent with over twenty years in Counterterrorism. He has worked as a Protective Service Operations Agent providing personal security for high level dignitaries in a wide range of dangerous environments around the globe. He has multiple combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan conducting high threat counterterrorism and counter-insurgency operations. Michael is a former commander AFOSI Detachment 1 and shooting instructor for the Counter Threat Operations Training Course, which taught Special Agents critical combat shooting skills prior to deployments in hostile environments.


Michael’s career spanned over two decades in the Army and Air Force as a Ranger qualified soldier and AFOSI Special Agent. He served as the Operations Officer, hand to hand combat instructor and shooting instructor for AFOSI’s Antiterrorism Specialty team – the “Green Dragon Group”. He is a highly decorated combat veteran who brings real life experience into training.


Personal Protection:

What you will learn:

  • Tactical mindset

  • Situational awareness in personal defense

  • Basic Pistol marksmanship and handling

  • Close in shooting and recovery

  • Strong and weak hand shooting

  • Shooting over, around and under objects of cover

  • Shooting and moving

  • Shoot, move and cover for a second person


Home Defense:

What you will learn:

  • Proper weapon handling in the home

  • Proper room and hallway clearing

  • Proper tactical communication

  • Operations in low light home environments

  • Developing a home defense plan

  • Developing a personal/home safety plan