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Our Personal Trainers at Spectrum all bring their own fitness specialty and unique training style while also being committed to ensuring safe and effective workouts.
When you train with us, Spectrum Personal Trainers will also work closely with the therapy staff to correct imbalances and help with pain management.

Our personal training sessions are in a private, secluded setting. We have many training options available for both private and group training sessions for 30 or 60 minutes. You can pay by session, or get a punch-card for a discounted rate.

Get in contact with Spectrum Fitness to find out more about how you can benefit from personal training!

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     The owner and President of Spectrum Fitness is a jack of all trades! She's the boss, the massage therapist, the group fitness class instructor, AND a personal trainer! 
     Rachelle started her athletic journey when she met her husband in 1993. In order to be a part of his world, she was convinced to try karate.  Despite her fear of breaking a nail, she went all the way to completing her black belt test in 1999 after Kaelyn was born. She took a break from karate and all things athletic while she focused on raising 3 children in a military family.
     Rachelle reached back to her ‘inner athlete’ in her early 30s after having her third child. On a “wild hair” she signed up for her first triathlon, and has been actively involved in fitness ever since. After completing her first 3 (out of 6) triathlons and 1st (out of 6 or more?) half marathons, she got her group fitness certification and shortly after that, became a certified personal trainer. In 2010, while living in CA for a short time, Rachelle trained for her first of 2 bodybuilding competitions. After her second and final competition, she ran her first full marathon and then started to train in Crossfit and found a real love for that form of workout. With a busy career in massage therapy and personal training, she liked the short and intense aspect of Crossfit because of her busy schedule.

There isn’t much that Rachelle hasn’t tried. Whatever your goals are, Rachelle will help you reach them! Contact us to set up an appointment today.

kaelyn woiton

Kaelyn, Spectrum’s Building Manager, teaches group fitness classes, manages the family business, and is now ready to take on the world of personal training! She has been a part of a passionate, fitness driven family for the majority of her life and has pursued competitive events that include triathlons and short distance races. Historically, Kaelyn has had a love/hate relationship with fitness that has had many ups and downs due to a medical condition called Barrett’s Esophagus that took several years to diagnose. After an intensive surgery, she has taken her fitness to a whole new level and has developed a passion for helping others to find the same joy in fitness! Now she has a whole new appreciation for exercise and its effects on the mind and body!
Kaelyn’s fitness hobbies include hula hooping and running. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in business. She is newly married with a dog named Hera and a hedgehog named Charlie. Life is GOOD!

To find out more about Kaelyn's availability and schedule a training session, contact us by phone or email!

Take the first step, the hardest step, and say “I'll try.”

MIsty foss

      My name is Misty, and I have spent the majority of my life struggling with obesity. When I was 26 years old I maxed out at 320 pounds and my blood pressure was out of control, even on medication. I had a 1-year old little girl who needed her Mama so I decided it was time to take control. I had yo-yo dieted my entire life with no success. Every time the scale went down a little, it just went right back plus 10 or more pounds. I felt like a failure. No matter what I tried I failed! I had no confidence in myself, an extremely low self esteem, and struggled with depression and anxiety. I was never referred to as Misty, I was "The Fat Girl." I kept my cycle of losing then gaining then losing over the next 10 years, but managed to get 70 pounds off. Then the plateau hit and I couldn't get another ounce off. Thoughts of failure started in, my depression and anxiety kicked up. “250 pounds? Can I be happy at 250 pounds? Is this really as far as I can get?” By this time I had two little girls. A mother wants nothing more than to see her girls grow into strong, confident women. I'm their role model and was nowhere near capable to show them strength or confidence. That was my motivation! I needed to become the woman who could be the positive, strong, confident woman that my girls could look up to.

      That's when I found Spectrum Fitness. I found my place in life. A little over a year later I've lost my current body weight 160 pounds!! I'm happy, healthy, positive, strong, confident, and finally the woman my girls can look up to. I especially developed a passion for kickboxing and have been so lucky to be learning to teach and coach by Spectrum’s Head Coach, Mike. I’m passionate about fitness and helping you with your fitness journey no matter where you are. As your personal trainer, I promise to help you get to where you want to go! I've come to realize that no matter how difficult the journey, we control the outcome with the choices we make. If you say you CAN'T, you won't. Take the first step, the hardest step, and say “I'll try."

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