"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them at least don't hurt them." - Dalai Lama

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Rachelle sian

Also known as Rachelle Sian Massage Therapy

After receiving her BA in Psychology and working several professions while traveling around with her military family, Rachelle began to look at ways to become stable in a mobile career. She got involved in fitness in 2004 and decided to pursue a personal training path. During a short stay in CA, Rachelle put her time to good use by taking some classes in massage therapy at a local college and instantly found her gift. She extended her massage education while living in Italy by attending an orthopedic massage seminar, recommended to her by a client. After the first day, she was sold on the effectiveness of orthopedic massage and continued on to get her certification in that modality. Nothing gives Rachelle greater satisfaction than helping to relieve someone's pain.


She continues to pursue knowledge in the field of medical massage to include:

Masters Degree in Exercise Science with a specialty in Rehabilitation Science,

Corrective Exercise Certification with NASM,

Specialty in TMJ therapy.

misty foss

Misty customizes each massage to the individual to ensure the proper modality/modalities are used to promote healing. She offers sports massage, deep tissue, active and passive range of motion, pregnancy massage, hot stone treatments, and Swedish massage. She can be scheduled for massage therapy regarding pain management, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, and therapeutic medical massage. Misty is nationally certified, licensed and insured in North Dakota, and an active member in the AMTA. She has her BA in Nursing, and specializes in Sport Massage and Therapeutic Stretching.

Misty was handpicked by Rachelle to be one of Spectrum's amazing massage therapists. Contact us to schedule an appointment with her!


colette broe-johnson

Colette is our newest massage therapist here at Spectrum. She is from Bottineau, ND and went to school for massage here in Minot at St. Joseph's hospital through a course offered by Williston State College. She graduated with honors and an associate's degree in massage therapy, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007. She has always been drawn to solving puzzles and observing how things work together. This, combined with her love for helping people, is what she believes makes her the great therapist she is today! Although she isn't specialized in one specific modality, she uses numerous techniques to try to attain results by adapting and tailoring each massage to the individual and their specific needs.

Colette was also handpicked by Rachelle to be one of Spectrum's amazing massage therapists. Contact us to schedule an appointment with her!