Women's Self Defense

Next seminar TBD for 2020

Spectrum's Women's Self Defense seminar is three hours long and scheduled approximately once a quarter. Taught by instructor Michael himself, this seminar covers a number of different scenarios and situations. Some subjects covered include: 

Situational Awareness and lowering the victim profile

Fight Mentality

Proper striking and kicking

Applicable self-defense with real world scenarios based on law enforcement experience

This seminar is a minimum attendance of 10 people, and the cost is a one-time payment of $50 per person. Is it worth your time to increase your confidence in your ability to protect yourself in unexpected situations? ABSOLUTELY.

“I took the fight back women's self defense class with Mike and I can tell you that it was great!. Mike is very knowledgeable and fun person. It makes the class pretty fun and easy to remember. I had a such a great time with the ladies. I highly recommend it!. Best money I've ever spent it in a long time!”

"I took the women's self defense class today. It was the best class I have ever had. Mike's instruction was very easy to follow and to learn. I am so glad he offered this class.”

“Mike can put on an awesome women's self defense course! Not only does Coach Mike empower women to want to know how to defend themselves, he does it in an uplifting and fun way!”

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