About Us

Our Method

Unlike traditional ‘gyms’ within Minot, ND, Spectrum Fitness will provide three main fitness areas that are all unique in their own ways. The vision for Spectrum Fitness is the culmination of two decades of individual work and private endeavors by both owners, Michael and Rachelle. Each has had a passion for fitness, sports competition, and martial arts as they have pursued many athletic goals and milestones in their lives.

Our method of getting you where you want to go is why Spectrum Fitness is unique. Our greatest strength lies in the opportunity to provide a wide variety of fitness classes and training opportunities by highly qualified and certified instructors within one facility. Spectrum will exist to walk with our clients on their fitness journey, not just sign them up for a ‘gym’ membership and let them go it alone. We don't have a weight room, but we do have certified instructors that will lead you through every workout, and classes that are unique to Minot. We have everything you need - knowledge, experience and a great community. Ask us how you can become a part of the Spectrum Fitness family!

Our Core Values

We are COURAGEOUS in our commitment to change lives through our example.

We are ACTIVE in our pursuit to build finishers.

We are RESPECTFUL towards everyone, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

We are POSITIVE in our attitudes towards challenges we face while helping others.

We are ENGAGED in every call, and in every personal interaction.

We are DEDICATED in our desire to bring meaningful change to Minot.

We are INNOVATIVE in our approach to group and family fitness.

We believe EVERYONE matters.

We are MOTIVATED to making our members fall in love with Spectrum.


We want you to leave our facility feeling better than ever. Our holistic approach to fitness training sets us apart from other exercise facilities. Our core values look at the big picture to embody this approach and redefine what a gym can be. Spectrum’s goal is to be on the cutting edge of fitness trends while making you a unique part of our community.

Visit us and you will see for yourself.

Our Spectrum Fitness Staff

Rachelle Sian

Rachelle, President of Spectrum Fitness, has over 15 years of experience in management positions with multiple companies, subcontracted employment, and self-employment. Rachelle has worked within multiple levels of management in small local businesses, franchise businesses, and as the owner/manager of her own orthopedic massage practice. She has a passion for fitness as she has pursued competitive events such as marathons, triathlons, and body building competitions, as well as personal training certifications, and group fitness certifications.

Kaelyn Woiton

Kaelyn, Business Manager for Spectrum Fitness, has been a part of a passionate, fitness-driven family for the majority of her life. She has taken on and successfully lead colleagues and co-workers in different departments by having influential positions in small businesses with her versatility, hard work, initiative, and leadership skills. In terms of athletics, she has pursued competitive events that include triathlons, short distance races, and a half marathon in September 2019. Kaelyn is also a group fitness exercise certified and a certified personal trainer. She loves to learn and teach hula hooping and offers private hula hoop lessons. Her philosophy at Spectrum is that fitness is here to be enjoyed and that it provides an endless amount of opportunities in all aspects of life.

Annie Smith


Sandy Hutchens