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Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers at Spectrum all bring their own fitness specialty and unique training style while also being committed to ensuring safe and effective workouts.

When you train with us, Spectrum Personal Trainers will also work closely with the therapy staff to correct imbalances and help with pain management.

Our personal training sessions are in a private, secluded setting. We have many training options available for both private and group training sessions for 30 or 60 minutes. You can pay by session, or get a punch card for a discounted rate.


Get in contact with Spectrum Fitness to find out more about how you can benefit from personal training!

Meet OUr Trainers

Rachelle Sian

   The owner and President of Spectrum Fitness is a jack of all trades! She's the boss, the massage therapist, the group fitness class instructor, AND a personal trainer! 

     Rachelle started her athletic journey when she met her husband in 1993. In order to be a part of his world, she was convinced to try karate.  Despite her fear of breaking a nail, she went all the way to completing her black belt test in 1999 after Kaelyn was born. She took a break from karate and all things athletic while she focused on raising 3 children in a military family.

     Rachelle reached back to her ‘inner athlete’ in her early 30s after having her third child. On a “wild hair” she signed up for her first triathlon, and has been actively involved in fitness ever since. After completing her first 3 (out of 6) triathlons and 1st (out of 6 or more?) half marathons, she got her group fitness certification and shortly after that, became a certified personal trainer. In 2010, while living in CA for a short time, Rachelle trained for her first of 2 bodybuilding competitions. After her second and final competition, she ran her first full marathon and then started to train in Crossfit and found a real love for that form of workout. With a busy career in massage therapy and personal training, she liked the short and intense aspect of Crossfit because of her busy schedule.

There isn’t much that Rachelle hasn’t tried. Whatever your goals are, Rachelle will help you reach them! Contact us to set up an appointment today. 

Kaelyn Woiton

Kaelyn, Spectrum's President and Operator, teaches group fitness classes, manages the family business, and is ready to take on the world of personal training again! ! Kaelyn had her first baby in November 2020 and took a short break from training clients while settling into motherhood. 

She has been a part of a passionate, fitness-driven family for the majority of her life and has pursued competitive events that include triathlons and short-distance races. Historically, Kaelyn has had a love/hate relationship with fitness that has had many ups and downs due to a medical condition called Barrett's Esophagus that took several years to diagnose. After an intensive surgery, she has taken her fitness to a whole new level and has developed a passion for helping others to find the same joy in fitness! Now she has a whole new appreciation for exercise and its effects on the mind and body!

Kaelyn's fitness hobbies include hula hooping and running long distances. She ran her first half marathon in 2019 and beat her goal time! She took on her second marathon in the fall of 2021. Although she didn't finish - she is back to training for her next marathon! Life is full of victories and failures. It's how you handle the failures that will determine where you go next! 

Kaelyn is a certified Behavior Change Specialist and holds certifications in Behavior Change Science: Helping Clients Stick with their Program, Emotions in Motion: Exercise as an Anxiety Intervention, and Training the Brain: The Neuroscience of Aerobic Exercise. 

She is working on adding a Behavior Change Specialist Certification to her arsenal of training. This course will help Kaelyn apply psychological concepts related to behavior change to help her clients create long-lasting lifestyle changes! She is consistently working to improve her knowledge and skills as a personal trainer to provide her clients with the best experience. 

​To find out more about Kaelyn's availability and schedule a training session, contact us by phone or email!

Hoop lessons

Hula hooping (on the floor, no Lyra) is as fun as it is a great exercise for your core and for cardio!

Kaelyn has been hula hooping for 8 years, and has a variety of hooping lessons available for exercise, learning tricks and form, as well as choreography!

30 min  - $25

45 min - $30 

60 min - $35

Prices are the same per person for both single or group sessions.

Deals & Parties
60 min 10 session punchcard - $315

Five 45 min hoop sessions and a short choreographed routine - $100

60 minute party of 4-9 people - $150 + tip for instructor

Contact us for information, questions, or to schedule your single, group, or party sessions! 

Aerial fitness lessons

An aerial hammock is used as we work on flexibility, coordination, and balance. It is aimed at those either beginning or continuing their aerial journey. Each lesson's goal is to be fun and challenging for all levels. We no longer offer regularly scheduled classes. However, we offer private one-on-one or group lessons based on instructor availability!

Call or text to book, or for more information!
You must be in close-fitting clothing that covers the armpits, with no lotion on or jewelry to protect the integrity of the hammocks.


 You MUST arrive early to this lesson to set up your appropriate hammock height.
Participants ages 11+ are allowed to attend.

private BJJ lessons

This is a one-hour opportunity to roll with Coach Mike Sian or any of our participating purple belts and work on anything you'd like. Get your jits game up with a private training session, topic to be covered is up to the student, however, it must be discussed with the coach no later than one week before the private lesson. 

$80 for one hour with a purple belt coach, $100 with black belt Coach Mike, and can be split with up to one other member. 

Nutrition coaching session

Coach Mike is our co-owner and nutrition coach. Fitness and coaching have been his passions for most of his life. Inspired by martial arts, personal training experiences, and a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2015 drove him to have a deep desire to help others understand the vital role whole foods play in their health. 

He says, "As a Nutrition Coach, I take a primal approach to helping others. That is to say that I center my coaching style around primal nutrition - zero grains and legumes, lots of good meats, fats, and vegetables! If you can cut it from an animal, pick it from a tree, or pull it from the ground, it is probably on my menu. If it comes out of a box, bag, or jar then it's more than likely not allowed. If you were in a grocery store, it would be considered perimeter shopping."

For 30-minute sessions and an hour first consult appointment, his goal is to help you find lasting, healthy meals and meal preparation strategies that propel you to your fitness and nutrition goals here in the Spectrum family! 

Contact us to find out more information about how you can change your lifestyle and treat your body right with our nutritionist!

Private Pilates lessons

Private pilates lessons are available with our group fitness instructor, Sandy! If you can't make our scheduled class times or would prefer a more secluded setting, 90-minute private lessons are available for $75 based on the instructor's availability.  

Contact us with questions,  for more information, or to schedule!


Spectrum Fitness now offers party packages for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and celebrations! We can support up to 8 people for any party event, as we only have eight aerial hammocks and eight hula hoops.

Aerial Yoga Party:
$150 for 8 people for 1.5 hour event
Price includes instructor(s) and allotted class time. 

Hula Hoop Party:
$150 for 8 people for 1.5 hour event
Price includes instructor(s) and allotted class time.

Please contact Spectrum Fitness at (701) 509-2260 for more information and scheduling.
50% down-payment is required to schedule and is non-refundable within seven days before the party.
Please consider bringing a 15%-20% tip with you for the instructor if you enjoyed your party.