current dance programs

Our next Couple's Dance class 6-week session is scheduled to start after January 1st, 2024 with our fantastic instructors, Sandy & Josh! The dance type for this session will be Country Swing!

***The exact dates and times are still to-be-determined at this time. We will provide the information as soon as we know! Call or stop by the front desk with any questions.***

This awesome class is a one-time payment of $60 per person, and the class is not pro-rated for absences during the course.

If you're interested in getting signed up for this session, you can call us to reserve your spot or sign up in the MindBODY APP. 

Check the schedule and see when you can come to join us for a few fun date nights!


If you're signing up on the MINDBODY or Spectrum Fitness app and intend on bringing a partner, your partner MUST sign up as well. We do not assume a partner is coming for every individual, so please reserve your spots accordingly. You can accomplish this by both partners downloading one of our apps, signing up, and paying on the app.